Theresa May Dancing

Jeremy Vine is on the radio just now having a discussion about Theresa May and the awkward spot of dancing she displayed during a school visit in Cape Town. The Prime Minister is taking criticism and being mocked on social media and Vine is asking his guests whether that’s fair and is being able to dance something that really matters for the leader of a country. The bottom line is this. Theresa May is not Read more…

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Welcome To The Age Of Comsteria

Communication + Hysteria = Comsteria. Previously known as Colin Kelly Media Limited, we are here to help organisations with something to say. We deliver training and workshops, consultancy and create content. We’ve been doing it since our founder Colin Kelly launched the business in 2012. With his wife and business partner Emma Baker joining full-time in September 2018, a new name was needed. Comsteria seems like the perfect name for the age we are living Read more…

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Security Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

As a family, we’ve got into camping these last few months. The camping and caravan park we stayed at last weekend had a security officer that patrolled the grounds. Except he wasn’t and he didn’t. Sure, he wore smart trousers and a yellow jacket with ‘SECURITY’ written on the back. And each evening, he did walk round the whole place. But he was one of the nicest, friendliest people I’ve ever met. It wasn’t so Read more…

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Bosses: Be Visible When It Rains

If there’s heavy rain in the morning, the Depute Head of the school my sons go to is always out and visible in the playground. He marshalls his staff so they’re ready to open their doors early, rather than keeping the kids outside the rain until the bell goes at 9am. He’s proactive at keeping people safe, trying to move parents away from doors if they’re standing yakking, gently reminding the pupils not to run Read more…

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