Some of the most enjoyable work we’ve done this year at Comsteria has involved helping organisations start their own podcasts.

Podcasts enjoyed huge growth during lockdown and it seems to have continued with topics such as inclusion and diversity, wellbeing and the climate emergency among those many organisations want to talk about.

For a while now, we’ve produced podcasts for our clients at gas distribution network SGN and National Grid.

We’ve also worked with clients from a wide range of sectors who have booked one of our ‘Secrets Of Successful Podcasting‘ training courses. Each session is tailored to the client but covers areas such as why they should podcast, the technical side of how a podcast works, suitable equipment for your podcast and there are also editing tutorials and more.

One question that inevitably come up, especially among clients who’ve already started a podcast, is, ‘How can we get more listeners?’

There’s one easy but often overlooked step you can take which makes a real difference, as Comsteria’s Colin Kelly explains in this short video.

If you’d like to find out more about podcasting for your organisation, Contact Us today and find out about our remote or in-person podcast production training. Alternatively, learn right now through our ‘Secrets Of Successful Podcasting’ on demand training video.

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