Comsteria turned one year old yesterday. October 1st 2018 was the day we transformed from our previous identity ‘Colin Kelly Media’ and began this journey.

It’s been a great year establishing ourselves as a trusted training provider, consultant and corporate video production partner for some excellent organisations throughout the UK and beyond.

SGN, Scottish Government, Ellen Macarthur Foundation, Mental Health Foundation, Strathclyde University and many others are among our clients. The nature of our work means we often keep exactly what we do fairly quiet. Trust and discretion are important words for us.

As our business grows, and our clients’ needs become more varied and sophisticated, we’re determined not to forget our roots and the small business community which has made our business what it is today.

We love start ups and micro businesses. The energy and enthusiasm, the great ideas, the hopes and dreams. It’s captivating. And it’s a buzz helping them because they can take what we tell them, apply it immediately and see the benefits, sometimes that very same day.

We also think, having grown a business ourselves over the last 8 years, that there’s a fair amount of knowledge and experience we could pass on to help them. So we’re delighted to launch our new service for start ups and small business owners. You’ll find the new packed with information, training videos, advice, ideas and inspiration, all carefully curated to help not just your business grow, but help you get more out of life too. Much of the content is free and always will be. Some of the more advanced video on demand training material requires a Premium subscription which for a limited time is just £10 for full access for a year.

If you need training, consultancy, corporate video, help with social media or media relations – we will always be delighted to serve you here at Comsteria. The new is an additional ‘on demand’ platform for individual business owners who want quick, easy to access information, often introductory level information immediately.

Take a look and feel free to share with small business owners you know.