This webpage accompanies our Secrets of Successful Podcasting workshop. If you haven’t purchased the course yet, you can rent or buy it here. 

If you’re a client or customer, and you need some further help on your podcasting journey – perhaps advice around an equipment purchase, some technical support, feedback on your work etc – we’d be delighted to help. Get in touch here.

Below you’ll find some notes, links and other supporting material which we refer to in our course. Please note Comsteria is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Audacity audio editor – official download page
Audacity Instruction Manual
Amazon instructions for creating a flash briefing skill
Comsteria Store – links to podcasting equipment we discuss in our course.
Submit Your Podcast To iHeart Radio

Music For Your Podcast

Other Resources
Descript – record, transcribe, edit and mix a podcast
Headliner – helps create Instagram-ready video clips from your podcast audio
Podnews – a daily podcasting and on-demand audio news and information resource
Comsteria Podcast – our podcast for communications professionals and small business owners