On this page you’ll find some supporting video resources to help you plan, shoot and edit your video.


When planning your video it’s a good idea to look at other similar businesses and popular video creators for inspiration. Here are a selection of videos to get you started.

This is the example video for planning using the Core and Key Message structure.

Watch this for an example of a simple messaging video: Core message plus 3 supporting key messages, visual cutaways, and a simple HOOK and conclusion.
This was originally 6 short videos shared on Instagram Reels. I shared them as individual 30 second videos on Instagram Reels, Facebook and LinkedIn to raise awareness of Comsteria’s work and engage and grow my audience on these platforms. This longer version uploaded to YouTube and IGTV is a valuable longterm resource I refer clients to regularly.
A simple Instagram Story style video. These are videos you can create quickly without worrying about perfect production values. A video like this could be part of a series for Mental Health Awareness Week and could be used to direct your audience to further resources and posts.

Shooting your video

Sharp focus, optimum exposure, steady footage and clear audio are essential for a professional video. This video runs you through some camera mounts, tripods and lights as well as a quick look at the Filmic Pro app.

A comparison in the quality of audio between 2 on-camera mics and a clip-on lav mic. Skip ahead to 1:30 to hear the difference side by side, then 4:58 for the verdict from Colin our resident audio expert!