Hello and welcome to the Comsteria Smartphone Video Production course.

My name’s Emma Baker and I’ll be running the course. I’ve collated some useful information you’ll need before joining the webinar.

Watch the video for details of your pre-course task and to hear why I’m passionate about creating and teaching smartphone video.

Pre-course task

This task will get you practising your video skills straight away. Simply record a 30 second video introducing yourself, your organisation and your video goals.

Keep your video simple and don’t sweat it! Only I’ll see it. Watch my tips on how to relax on camera to prepare.

Share it with me any way you like: Dropbox, Google Drive. I’d suggest WeTransfer. You can share direct to the Comsteria WeTransfer account here or my email address is emma@comsteria.co.uk.

You can read the attached document or watch the above video for more details about the task.

Equipment and Apps

On the day of the course, all you need is your phone with the VN Video Editor downloaded onto it.

The most important kit going forward will be a microphone and a tripod, two simple bits of equipment that will make a huge difference to your videos. It’s not necessary to have these on the day of the webinar but they’ll be really useful when it comes to completing your main video task after the webinar so if you’re able to look ahead and invest, it will be well worth it.

Download the guide below or check out the Comsteria store where I’ve collated all my favourite kit.

Video Resources

You will have access to password protected resources when you start the course. In the meantime have a look at our YouTube channel for a range of vlogs, tutorials and tips on smartphone video. N.B. Most of these videos were shot on a phone.