Welcome to the Comsteria Storytelling Workshop.

Before we meet at the live workshop, I’ve put this video together illustrating some key ideas around the structure of stories.

The video also outlines the pre-course task and how you can share this with me.

The purpose of the task is for you to begin applying a storytelling structure to your own life! Your task is to use the 5 part Hero’s Journey structure to tell me a story about your career.

It would be really helpful for you attempt the storytelling task, but there is no pressure to do so.

Sharing your pre-course task

You can share your task with me by email: emma@comsteria.co.uk or by WeTransfer: comsteria.wetransfer.com

Introductory Video

Watch this introductory video to learn more about the structure of stories; how to tell your own career story; and how to send in your pre-course task

Pre-Course Slides

Further Viewing

Watch this video from Dr Paul Zak, a researcher in neuroeconomics, who studies the impact of stories on our brains and how we can harness this to influence our audience.