If your business is failing to perform as you’d hoped, Comsteria can help.

As small business owners ourselves, we have experienced many of the challenges SMEs encounter.

As consultants and trainers, we have worked with owners and management of hundred of businesses, from small, single person new starts to much larger multinational organisations with shareholders and teams across several continents.

And as a broadcaster and journalist, our Managing Director Colin Kelly has spent time with and interviewed many of the country’s leading business people.

Now you can benefit from all that insight and experience.

Comsteria’s Business Troubleshooting service can be delivered in-person at your premises, or off-site at our Glasgow city centre office. It can also be delivered as a series of short sessions via Skype.

We’ll take time to establish what makes your business special, who it’s aimed at, identify weaknesses and suggest how these can be overcome.

Perhaps you just don’t know where to start and need some clarity around what you do and who you are for. Maybe you know what needs done but lack the motivation to do it. We can hold you to account and provide a step by step plan to deliver the strategy you set yourself. Or perhaps you need an input of fresh creativity – new ideas and energy. We also have a wealth of media contacts and understand how to make a splash and get PR coverage for your business.

Why not get in touch today to discuss your needs.