Many of our clients demand a fast, accurate and compliant transcription solution for videos and podcasts they produce. To find out more: read on, call 0141 628 8228 or use the contact form.

Comsteria is pleased to offer our premium, fast turnaround, proofread transcription service. We guarantee to return your completed files within 48 hours* of receiving them. The work is carried out by our team, in the UK. No more uploading sensitive files to faceless cloud platforms with no customer service and question marks over their data handling.

Send us the material you require to be transcribed and we’ll return the following:

  • An SRT file for uploading to social media platforms alongside your video, allowing viewers to ‘toggle’ captions on or off
  • An accompanying video file to be uploaded to social media platforms alongside the SRT file
  • A video file with captions ‘hard coded’ or ‘burned on’ to the video itself so they are always visible
  • A time-coded text file transcript which you may wish to include on a website or make available for viewers to download

We will conduct proofreading and quality control prior to returning your files. Should you identify any remaining mistakes, we will rectify these free of charge.

Please note, Comsteria’s transcription service for videos and podcasts does not apply to videos and podcasts we produce ourselves for clients. Transcripts for this work will already have been priced into the initial quote you received.

We reserve the right to refuse to work with certain podcasts and videos if we consider the audio quality is not of a suitable standard. We will conduct a quality check on the material you submit and will quickly let you know if we’re able to work with it. If we can’t, there will be no charge.

Our pricing is transparent and simple, based around blocks of 20 minutes of material.

£50+VAT for anything up to the first 20 minutes of material
£50+VAT for each 20 minute block thereafter

We may, at our sole discretion, reduce these fees if you only slightly enter a further 20 minute block, for example if a file was 23 minutes in duration. We would provide you with a formal quote after receiving your files.

*We will often return completed, transcription files much quicker than 48 hours. If you require a guarantee of a faster service, let us know and we will provide a tailored quote.

Our transcripts are delivered in UK English. Translated transcription is available on request.

For further information please call 0141 628 8228 or use the contact form.