Our media training is led by Managing Director Colin Kelly, a highly experienced former BBC Scotland journalist and broadcaster. Colin spent 16 years working at the highest levels in newsrooms across the country and since 2012, he has been giving businesses and organisations the benefits of his extensive experience.

Clients choose Comsteria’s media relations training because it truly reflects the modern media. As well as learning the theory required to keep control and get what you want from newspaper, television and radio interviews, you will also go on camera and practice these skills, in a safe environment. Colin will operate exactly as he would were he still a working journalist – asking realistic and relevant questions – and showing you the consequences of the answers you give.

In our session together, Colin will be both adversary and coach. He will give you a grilling every bit as intense as you’d face on ‘Newsnight’ or ‘Today’ if that’s what you need, but will also take a supportive role and help you craft better answers that get stronger results.

You’ll also be taken ‘inside’ the media as Colin shares with you how journalists work. What it takes to have a story cut through and achieve the attention you want. There’s advice on pitching stories, dealing with incoming enquiries, how to set up a press office and more. Sessions can concentrate on broadcast situations or also include newspapers and writing press releases.

Sessions are always tailored to specific clients and can be built around individuals, small groups or larger teams. Courses are available as half day or full day sessions and can take place online via Zoom or Teams or at your premises.

Comsteria is based in Glasgow but operates throughout the UK and beyond. Contact us to discuss your media training needs and to receive a proposed course outline.