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Presented by our founder and media training specialist Colin Kelly, the Powerful Communication podcast explores topical issues relating to politics, media, PR, business and presentation skills.

Colin and his guests will highlight new ideas and technology to help you and your comms team. We’ll share best practice from throughout the industry and there will be plenty insight and opinion. If you want to communicate with power – this is an essential listen.

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Job titles and biographies Powerful Communication Podcast

When you're introduced at conferences or on podcasts, make sure you give a positive first impression. You don't need to use your actual job title and don't include abslutely everything you've ever done when the host asks for your biography.
  1. Job titles and biographies
  2. Marketing Essentials – Pizza Express and the marble table
  3. A common sense approach to AI in comms and PR
  4. Thoughts on TFL Bond Street Burberry takeover and Reaction to Russell Brand allegations
  5. 500 ish episode special