Whether speaking in public fills you with dread or you’re already good and want to improve, Presentation Skills Training from Comsteria can help. Contact us to discuss rates and availability or watch the video below where Colin Kelly explains more about the course.

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These days, ‘presenting’ could be speaking at a conference, communicating ideas using Powerpoint slides, pitching to clients or investors, delivering training or simply speaking up at a management meeting.

Presentation skills are required more every day across the modern workplace in almost every sector. And it’s not enough to be able to do it, you have to know that you’re able to do it, perhaps even enjoy it. You have to make yourself and what you say memorable. You need to make an impact.

Our ‘Presenting With Confidence’ workshop is tailored to you and includes the following:

Learn how to turn public speaking opportunities into highly valuable assets for your business.
Establishing key messages and know what to say.
Examine different situations where you might have to present and learn how to tailor your approach to your audience.
Develop simple techniques to eliminate nerves and stumbles.
Special section on how to keep an audience engaged when technology fails.
Receive personal feedback and coaching on your presenting style from TV and radio presenter Colin Kelly and education professional Emma Baker.

More advanced presenters will benefit from our more advanced sessions.

We can deliver this training 1-1, as video on demand, remotely via Skype and for small groups or larger teams. It’s up to you how intensive you would like it to be and you have the option of delivering a presentation during the training and receiving constructive feedback and coaching to help you improve. We can also film these, play them back and make the recording available to you if you would like.

It’s time to stop bluffing your way through presentations, getting nervous or believing it’s something you can’t do.

Get in touch and let us help.