Comsteria has built a UK wide reputation when it comes to helping organisations make the most of social media and digital platforms. Our expertise in understanding audiences, organisational development, written and video content, makes us the ideal ‘one stop shop’ to turn reluctance or trepidation into success.

Our knowledge of employment law, copyright and defamation means we won’t ignore the dark side of social media. We know the risks and know what you need to do to mitigate them. We’ll share case studies and examples, we have loads of creative ideas and will work with you and the team to generate your own. Crucially, our training is designed so that you can actually implement what you work on during the day. We see competitors getting clients excited and charged up but unable to actually follow up and turn the enthusiasm into action.

Our social media training is fun, interactive realistic and tailored to you. We aim slightly ahead of the curve, unlike our competitors whose training is out of date as soon as they deliver it, although we are never dazzled by new apps and platforms and wouldn’t recommend you get involved in something just because it’s new and exciting. ‘Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’ is a mantra you’ll hear us use.

We also get involved in social media and digital strategy at a consultancy level with senior members of your team and management. Get in touch for more information.