Here is some of the equipment we recommend you consider when producing smartphone videos and podcasts. We have selected products to suit a range of budgets and objectives.

You will have had the chance to use some of this kit and find out more about it in our training course. But please get in touch if you need to discuss things further. If you buy using the links below, Comsteria will make a small commission on each purchase. If you would prefer not to purchase in this way, we encourage you to shop around, consider eBay or used kit elsewhere on Amazon and we can also recommend Gear4Music, John Lewis, PCWorld and the Apple Store.

Smartphone Microphones

Podcasting Kit

Tripods and Gimbals

Portable lights and ring lights

Smartphone lenses

Webinar/Live streaming

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These items will look great at work or at play and make excellent gifts for team members and comms champs!

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