Business is about making human connections and clients often return on the strength of your personality.

But if the majority of your contact with customers is through email or on the phone, getting your personality across can be tricky.

A video is a simple way to put a face to the name and to the distant voice at the end of the phone.

The mid-market sales team at Hewlett Packard recognised this and contacted us to make ‘Meet the Team’ videos to be attached to all client emails.

They wanted two videos: one for end-users and one for sales partners. We worked closely with team manager to create a script that was open and friendly but also matched the tone and language of the HP brand.

Filming was on location at HP’s Scottish headquarters where we filmed interviews with each team member before shooting them at work in the office.

Speaking in front of the camera can be nerve-wracking, even if you’re working from a script.  We coached the ten team members through the process, giving tips and encouragement until they were completely happy with the outcome.

The final videos were used successfully by the company to give a friendly face and succinct introduction to the sales team.

If you want a meet the team video to connect directly with your clients, get in touch.