Let us guide you briefly through the steps of making a video with us. We have a more detailed discussion of this on our blog if you want to find out more.

Finding the right production company

First meet with your own team to set clear aims for your video. It’s worthwhile contacting several credible production companies to discuss your goals and get a feel for the company that has the right skillset for your organisation. As well as picking their brains for ideas, take the time to give them an insight into your organisation. The more knowledge they have, the more likely they are to come up with engaging ideas for your video.

The Brief

To invite companies to tender for the work you need to prepare a brief, setting out clearly what you would like your video to contain. This should include:

  • Aims: what you want the video to achieve.
  • Target audience: who you want to see the video.
  • Treatment: how you want the big idea of the video to be conveyed e.g. story, style, length.
  • Timescale: details of deadlines and proposed schedule.

The Proposal

From this, each production company you’ve consulted should submit a proposal detailing the following: an outline of the creative concept, a detailed breakdown of the budget, a suggested schedule, and examples of previous work.

Planning your video

Now you’ve chosen the company you’re working with the first step is to meet with the producer of the video and firm up a more detailed plan. This will include:

  • Schedule: firm up the details of the proposed schedule
  • Script: make the relevant information about your organisation available to the scriptwriter.
  • Locations: establish the locations for the shoot to be sure they are available on the day.
  • Budget: drill down to the details of the budget to ensure you don’t get hit with unforeseen costs later like music, voiceover, title animations, subtitles.

Shooting your video

You will now have a clear script and shooting schedule from the producer. Your role before and during the shoot is to communicate the details clearly to the staff. A workforce that is positive, prepared, and onboard with the aims of a video production will help the shoot run smoothly and get the best results.

  • Communicate to all staff, not just those in the video, so they know what to expect on the day.
  • Organise the staff members who are appearing in the video so they are available, know what to expect, and are dressed appropriately.
  • Liase with relevant staff to ensure locations are clean, safe and quiet at the time of the shoot.
  • Be on hand to liase with the producer throughout the shoot.

Editing your Video

You might need to be on hand at this stage to provide existing images and footage for the video editor to use in the edit. This will have been outlined at the planning stage. This may include photographs, logos, details of company lettering, and pre-existing video footage.

You will see a rough cut of the video to provide feedback and ensure the production is on track with fulfilling your brief. Once you have agreed the changes, the editor will put the final touches on the film and provide the final edit for you. Should you make any significant changes at this stage, you should expect to pay extra unless the producer has made an error.

Get in touch

Now you have a clearer idea of the video production process, please give us a call to discuss your idea and find out what we can do for your organisation.

You can get in touch through the contact page, by email: emma@comsteria.co.uk or by phone on 0808 133 1353