Corporate speak is a horrible barrier between your organisation and your audience. But we understand why it happens.

Our training will help you think differently about the way you write at work. And we aim to give you the skills you need to write content for your website or intranet that you can be truly proud of and that gets the results you want.

Success means putting your audience first and understanding how they behave online.

Your audiences and your staff are often ‘selfish and in a hurry’ in terms of how they approach websites and you can’t expect them to persevere through 300 words of dense text.

Our session will develop your web writing style and you’ll recognise it has no relationship to the academic writing you would have been taught at school. It’s a different discipline and one you can learn quickly.

Clients such as SGN, Ayrshire College and Scottish Government have all benefited from this course. It can be tailored to your organisation and delivered as a half day, full day or as on demand learning. We’d recommend you bring laptops so you can complete practical writing exercises on the day and receive feedback on your work. We don’t put maximum numbers on participants but in experience between 4 and 16 is a good number to work with.

Contact us for rates, availability and a full course outline.