Here are details of our forthcoming live training webinars, the ‘open’ courses we run to help you and your organisation communicate with power.

We run regular sessions dealing with live streaming, Instagram Reels and Tik Tok, as well as media and PR training to help your business get noticed. Our ‘Presenting With Confidence’ session is particularly popular and some previous participants on our ‘Start And Grow A Successful Podcast’ course have published their own podcast as quickly as the next day after the session!

These live webinar sessions are tailored to small businesses and suitable for beginner and intermediate level abilities. Explore the sessions below or visit Comsteria on Eventbrite. We keep numbers small so you can be sure you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions.

24/11/21 Live Streaming For Businesses
Live streaming is a powerful opportunity for every organisation to enjoy more engagement from audiences. We’ll give you the essentials to get started whatever sector you’re in and we’ll recommend a technical set up fit for any budget.
Get more information and ticket details.

29/11/21 Instagram Reels and TikTok
A hugely popular course right now as businesses from all sectors seek to engage new audiences and enjoy increased reach by using these fast growing, emerging platforms. Think TikTok is not for you? You might think differently by the end of this session. Details and ticket info here.

9/12/21 PR Training For Small Businesses
No budget? No problem. Learn how to punch above your weight and raise your business profile by receiving coverage in newspapers and on radio and television. Colin Kelly shows you how to find and tell powerful, engaging stories that get you noticed. Find out more.

13/12/21 Start And Grow A Successful Podcast
Why you should podcast. Planning your podcast. Introduction to digital audio editing. Promoting a podcast. Monetising a podcast. And equipment advice for any budget! Get your tickets now.

14/12/21 Presentation Skills Training – Presenting With Confidence
Whether it’s a conference with hundreds in a attendance, an online Zoom session or a meeting with your own team – if you’ve something to say and someone to say it too, we can help you say it better. Packed with useful tips and techniques we’ll help you overcome nerves and get your message across with clarity and personality. No role play either! Find out more here.

15/12/21 Websites, Social Media and Digital Marketing For Tradespeople
Most joiners, electricians and plumbers I know actually do fine in terms of getting work. But some of them find managing the business problematic. In this session, we’ll look at some of the tools that can help your business run more efficiently. But we will also discuss the marketing side of things. How can you avoid ‘feast or famine’? Get more of the type of clients you want? And deal with reviews on social media? And maybe you don’t want to be ‘on the front line’ every day. What about growing your trades business? This session is tailored to trades businesses, we’ll keep the numbers small so you’ll have plenty opportunity to ask questions and receive tailored coaching. We know you’re busy so we’re running this in the morning and then running it again, for a different group of participants in the evening, if that’s easier for you to attend.

17/12/21 Instagram Reels And TikTok
Charities, engineering companies, sports governing bodies, psychologists…almost every sector is now represented on these fast growing ultra short video sharing platforms. Comsteria’s Emma Baker tells you what you need to know to join them, and how to get results. Tickets and full info.

20/12/21 How To Live Stream

Fancy learning something new just before Christmas?! Get full details and tickets here. And learn how to live stream on Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter and more. Whether it’s just you and your phone, or a multi camera advanced set up, a church service, or committee meeting..whatever it is, live streaming has some powerful advantages and it easier to do than you think.