As the world staggers out of COVID-19 lockdown, retail and hospitality businesses face serious problems: How can they encourage customers to come back into their businesses?

The pandemic has affected us all in some way and ‘going back to normal’ is easier said than done. Pulling a mask on and off every time you go in and out a shop serves as a reminder that despite our efforts over the last few months, COVID-19 is far from gone. The media might talk about the ‘new normal’ but the truth is many potential retail and hospitality customers are worried they might catch the virus and become a statistic. Browsing the shops and enjoying a night out are hardly a priority.

Then there’s our ravaged high streets and town centres. What sort of state are they in? Given the recent headlines, some are scared to look.

And yet many businesses are open again, having invested large amounts of time and energy re-configuring themselves to comply with social distancing measures. They say it’s safe, so what’s holding us back?

For many, it’s fear, pure and simple. And video is a powerful medium to help overcome that fear. Show customers how things are, re-assure them they’ll be OK.

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