Singer songwriter Yvonne Lyon is our very special guest this time on the Comsteria podcast, discussing the release of her new album ‘Growing Wild’.

You can buy it on CD from Yvonne Lyon’s website or visit Yvonne Lyon on Bandcamp. where you can choose a digital download.

Yvonne is one of the country’s brightest and best singer songwriters and has shared the stage with Eddie Reader, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Dougie MacLean, Boo Herwedine and many others.

Audiences love her emotive voice, poignant lyrics and soaring melodies.

‘Growing Wild’ is Yvonne’s 10th studio album release and has already received strong praise and regular airplay from BBC Radio Scotland among others. It seems set to become one of Scotland’s albums of the year. In this podcast Yvonne tells Comsteria’s Colin Kelly how this latest collection of songs came about and how professional musicians are adapting to the impact of COVID-19 on their work. You’ll also hear a preview of some of the tracks from ‘Growing Wild’.

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