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A short video which runs you through the basics of editing in iMovie. For the full tutorial you can subscribe to our Smartphone Video Newsletter to get access to all our resources.
Learn how to add a music track on iMovie. This app has a decent free music library but you can also import music you’ve downloaded elsewhere. A great feature of iMovie is that it automatically fades the music if it detects a voice track above it e.g. an interview.
An introduction to the basics of editing in KineMaster. For the full tutorial you can subscribe to our Smartphone Video Newsletter to get access to all our resources.
Creating a custom thumbnail for your videos is an easy way to make your videos stand out and get more clicks. You can easily create custom thumbnails on your phone using the Photoshop Mobile Apps.
It can seem daunting getting started making videos for your business. Watch this quick guide to the process of planning, shooting and editing to find out where to begin.
You need good quality sound to make professional videos. There are 3 microphones I commonly recommend: The Rode Smartlav Mic; the iRig lav mic; and the Boys BYM1 mic. You can find links to buying these microphones in our store.
iMovie is a really powerful editing app and it comes free with your iPhone. The June 2019 update added chroma keying (green screen); the ability to add your company logo as a watermark; and a bigger royalty free music library. It’s an easy app to use and a great way to get started in smartphone video. Sign up to our newsletter to access lots of free tutorials on editing in iMovie.
The Sennheiser Memory Mic is a wireless microphone for your smartphone. It’s a very reliable way to record sound wirelessly for video or for just capturing the audio of a presentation.