Whether it’s a quick ‘thought leadership’ style chat straight from a mobile phone onto Facebook Live or a Chamber of Commerce broadcasting their virtual awards night with several cameras, more and more organisations are getting involved in live streaming.

It’s a natural progression from the emphasis on video we’ve seen in the last few years. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and Linkedin (by invite only) all allow various forms of live video broadcast.

How do you do it? What do you need? How can it help? Comsteria is here to help you answer all these questions. One of our most enjoyable evenings of last year (just in the nick of time before the lockdown rules came into force) was helping our good friend musician Yvonne Lyon livestream one of her ‘Secret Session’ living room gigs. We’ve also launched our own weekly live stream, the ‘Smartphone Video Show‘ which you can watch from 1pm every Friday on this website and all major streaming platforms.

Get in touch if you have any questions about any aspect of live streaming for your business and look out for our live streaming training coming soon. In the meantime, our latest podcast is well worth a listen if you are looking for somewhere to help you get started with live streaming for your business.

Click play below to have a listen.

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