Glasgow Airport Flightpath Fund is the airport’s funding programme, which has given out nearly £1 million to a range of valued community projects.

To celebrate 5 years of giving, the Flightpath Fund committee wanted to make a video showcasing some of the projects they’ve helped.  The film was to be shown at the Fund’s annual lunch in place of the usual speeches.

The committee wanted those at the lunch to hear about the valuable work being done direct from the mouths of the project leaders and service users who had gained so much from the fund money.

They knew video was the most powerful way to bring these different stories together in one easy package as the audience would connect with the images of the projects in action rather than simply hearing about it second hand in a speech.

We met with the airport’s Communications Manager to plan the day’s filming.  With so many people involved, careful planning was vital and we compiled a packed itinerary for the day, visiting four different projects from Clydebank to Johnstone, Erskine to Dumbarton and squeezing in a quick interview with the MD and Committee Chairman in the airport arrivals hall.

The challenge in editing this video was to tell the story of the fund and these four very worthwhile projects in roughly 5 minutes.

The first edit was 9 minutes long, such was the quality of the footage we had gathered, but we soon cut it down to just 5 minutes, a more acceptable time to hold the attention of an audience eager to celebrate the fund but just as eager to get on with celebrating with some lunch and drinks!

The music, images, custom titles and interviews all combined to create a polished and powerful message to the live audience who had come to celebrate the good work of the fund.

If you want us to make a video showcasing your charity, community group or social enterprise, contact Emma Baker at Comsteria.

We worked with Emma to create a video about the airport’s Flightpath Fund and it was a pleasure to work with her.  From the very beginning of the project Emma had a very clear idea about what we wanted to create and she helped to make our ideas into a reality.  On the day of filming, Emma was calm, organised and professional. She was a joy to work with and all of the FlightPath fund recipients who we went to visit really warmed to her. The end result – a 5 minute video – was brilliant.  It created a huge and meaningful impact for our annual FlightPath celebration event and gave a real flavour of the projects we fund.  I’d highly recommend Emma’s services and look forward to working with her again the future.’
Nicola MacNaughton, Communications Manager at Glasgow Airport