We often tell clients that ‘the truth will set you free’.

The idea is that if the audience you’re interested in simply knew the truth about who you are, what you’re doing and the motivations behind it all, then they’d most likely be drawn to you and interested in working with you. Life would be easy!

Marketing sometimes likes to make a science out of the above with charts, graphics and maps and days away coming up with straplines and mission statements. What if there was a simple way of just showing people what we did?

Video can be a powerful part of that solution. The whole idea of ‘show don’t tell’ is very powerful. Ideally, you would capture video clips from all your activities day by day and then could cut them into a monthly update video which you would publish to give a flavour of what you’ve been doing. If you can’t get video, perhaps some still images could be used. At Comsteria, Emma often produces video out of still images clients share with us and with clever use of graphics, text, music, animation and transitions can really bring it all to life.

You’ll see more of what we’ve been working on recently on our social media channels but here’s a quick rundown of some of what we’ve done just in the last 4 weeks.

11/4/23 Emma editing recruitment video for client in energy sector
11/4/23 Colin delivering Linkedin training to small business sector
13/4/23 Emma delivering Instagram Reels and TikTok training, Colin delivering website training
17/4/23 – 19/4/23 Colin London then Birmingham delivering series of media relations and writing workshops
18/4/23 Emma filming on location in Southampton for safety training video
21/4/23 Colin delivering crisis comms media training advice for company in event sector
24/4/23 Emma editing safety training video
25/4/23 Colin delivering crisis comms advice to client in engineering sector – focus on keeping client OUT of media coverage
26/4/23 Colin delivering blogging workshop to small businesses
27/4/23 Colin delivering media training to a charity in Edinburgh
27/4/23 Emma editing another video based on clips submitted by client
28/4/23 Emma delivering photography for social media training to small business sector
2/5/23 Colin in Perthshire delivering crisis comms media training
3/5/23 Colin recording ‘Introduction To Metaverse’ webinar
3/5/23 Colin recording podcast for client in education sector
4/5/23 Emma delivering ‘video production for social media’ training to small businesses
5/5/23 Colin editing podcast for client in education sector
8/5/23 Colin delivering 1-1 coaching for comms professional pursuing her next role in the industry

The above is just part of what we’ve delivered in the last 4 weeks. It’s the variety we love and feeling that we’re making a positive impact on the businesses and individuals we work with. If you’re interested in joining our #powerfulcommunication revolution – please get in touch. It all starts with us listening to you and understanding what you need. If we can’t help we’ll most likely know someone who can.

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