At Comsteria we believe that all businesses, big or small, can use video to communicate more effectively, build their brand, and ultimately grow.

In this video series we’ll share the stories of businesses we’ve helped to get the most out of video.

Hopefully the insights and lessons they’ve learned will help you get started, or continue, on your own journey with video.

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Episode 1: Big Kids, Little Learners

The first story is from Janine Neil of Big Kids Little Learners, an educational class for pre-schoolers and their parents.

In 2019 I spent a half day with Janine looking at how to plan, shoot and edit her own videos using just her smartphone. That morning we filmed and published her first vlog.

By the time I was going to bed that night the vlog had over 1000 views. Janine couldn’t have got off to a better start.

Big Kids Little Learners first vlog racked up over 1K views within a few hours of posting.

However, the pressures of running a small business meant that Janine found it difficult to make time to create video content. It’s a common challenge for small business owners who frequently wish there were more minutes in the day.

Be careful what you wish for!

The Covid 19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown gave Janine the time she had been hoping for.

Unable to open her classes, video became the only way she could connect with the children and their parents. She started recording her stories, songs, and phonics lessons so they could enjoy the usual classes at home.

She’s now made over 50 videos for social media which are viewed in high numbers and she has over 200 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Not only is video a way to reach her existing clients in lockdown but she is finding new customers who are interacting with her daily and who are joining the waiting list for classes.

I caught up with her over Zoom to find out how she got to this point.

Business goals and business mission

In this first episode Janine explains the business goals she hoped video would help her achieve, her core business mission, and how that helped her focus on the message for her first vlog.

Watch the video to hear her story. You can use the chapter markings to skip to the sections that are most relevant for you.

Business Lessons

The first vlog Janine and I did together was essentially her brand story.

This kind of video is an ideal starting point for anyone because sharing your story lets you connect with your target audiences in both the first and the final stages of the marketing funnel.

Loyalty and Advocacy

Sharing her story in that first vlog had a big impact on Janine’s existing loyal audience because they were already deeply invested in her expertise and educational values. They knew the story she shared in the video was authentic because they saw it every week in class.

The video gave them the chance to act as advocates for her business by liking, sharing and commenting.


Of course every like and share gets that video in front of new eyes which works to build awareness with new audiences. Here the video works doubly hard.

First, people trust what they see in a video because they can see the face behind the business. We can see their passion and trust that it’s authentic.

Secondly, because the video’s been shared organically by trusted sources – our friends – we instinctively give it more weight than we would a sponsored campaign.

So this kind of authentic brand story video can give you great business returns.

Create your own brand video

Start your video journey today by telling the story of how and most importantly why you started your business.

The first step is to identify your business mission which cuts to the heart of why you do what you do.

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