Well done to Bauer Media owned Radio Clyde and Radio Forth for this very engaging piece of advertising at Falkirk High railway station.

The railway station sits around halfway between the 2 big cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh and the radio stations (Clyde in Glasgow and the West, Forth in Edinburgh and the East) and their parent company have turned that into a talking point: If you’re in Falkirk, roughly in the middle, which station should you listen to? Who’s side are you on?

The positive reaction around this is more evidence of what we’ve been saying for ages: that if you are seeking engagement, it is a good idea to give people a choice, forcing them to take a side, rather than presenting them with a blank sheet of paper and endless choice.

And this advertising forces people to get involved, to participate, rather than simply a passive ‘Listen to us, we’re the best’.

It also makes the most of the opportunities presented by outdoor advertising: the ad works at Falkirk High railway station – it wouldn’t work to the same degree anywhere else. That’s a big advantage of outdoor, poster advertising: you know exactly where people are when they see it and if you’re really careful about where you place it, what they are doing (waiting for a train).

So, congratulations to Bauer for what amounts to the best advert for any radio station that I’ve seen for years.

And makes this look like an extremely smart piece of business.