As a family, we’ve got into camping these last few months.

The camping and caravan park we stayed at last weekend had a security officer that patrolled the grounds.

Except he wasn’t and he didn’t.

Sure, he wore smart trousers and a yellow jacket with ‘SECURITY’ written on the back.

And each evening, he did walk round the whole place.

But he was one of the nicest, friendliest people I’ve ever met.

It wasn’t so much a ‘patrol’ as a friendly visit to make sure everyone was getting on OK. Did anybody need anything? Had they forgotten any equipment? Were they having bother with their tent? Were they OK for finding somewhere to eat?

This is a great example of a brand communicating its values in a very simple way and it achieves so many things.

First, the best security is visible and avoids any issues in the first place.

So the fact that everyone saw this guy walking round was at once reassuring but also a warning to anyone that might be thinking about any anti social behaviour – there’s someone here, so don’t mess.

Secondly, if this is the kind of friendly and helpful customer service you get from the ‘Security’ guy, how good must the team in the office at the front gate be, the ones we actually give our money too?

And all it takes is a bit of thought, a bit of training, understanding the role and recruiting the right person for it. Other businesses would do well to remember that it’s the staff on the frontline – reception, cleaners, security – that meet the public face to face and have the opportunity to truly communicate their brand. Do they do that, like this gentleman? Or do they let you down?

First class and a big thumbs up to this individual and his colleagues. And if you’re wondering which campsite and caravan park we were at – it’s this one at North Berwick. I can highly recommend it and big thanks to all the staff for an excellent weekend.

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