Video is no longer an optional extra for communications professionals. Whether your goal is to improve employee engagement, reduce onboarding time, or to explain a complex new product, video is an essential component of a well rounded strategy that will engage your audience.

Video is now an essential part of any communications strategy, as these statistics demonstrate.

Messages that reach people

One third of our time online is spent watching video. This figure spikes even higher when we are on our mobiles. Given the option, most of us in the business world would choose a video version of information over the text version. Not surprising when research shows that we remember 95% of what we watch in a video compared to only 10% of what we read with text alone.

We can work with your communications or HR team to produce regular, professional quality video content to boost the impact of your messaging and connect you more directly with key stakeholders.

Browse through our client case studies from the menu above to see how we have helped other organisations connect with their audience through video content.

By 2021, it is projected that video will claim 80% of all web traffic.This is due largely to the increase streaming video on phones.

Stories that engage

We specialise in finding the stories at the heart of your brand because stories have the power to persuade, engage and change behaviour.

This is why stories are the most popular type of video online. Storytelling mirrors what we do in all social situations to build connections with strangers. When we watch a film or video story our brains react in the same way as they do when meeting someone face to face. The hormone released makes us more open to the message, more likely to change our behaviour to mimic that of the character on screen.

If you’re looking for ideas, this blog talks about creating a brand story based on superhero movies or our client case study for the Glasgow Airport Flightpath Fund details how we created a compilation video celebrating the stories of the fund’s success for use at the AGM.

We retain 95% of a message when we watch a video compared to just 10% when we read text alone.

Training that connects

Videos that tell a story engage more of the brain so it is easier for us to remember. This is why videos are an incredibly effective training tool. And people are hungry learn. ‘ How-to’ videos are the second most popular genre on YouTube.

Creating engaging training videos is an effective way to reach a dispersed workforce and streamline the training process. Training that is creatively delivered also answers people’s desire to grow their skills, feel valued, and identify themselves as key players in the bigger goals of the company.

We have extensive experience in education and we know how to create training videos that meet your objectives and enhance learning.

This short blog looks at some of the benefits of building a bank of training materials and our client case study for SGN details how they used training videos to improve employee engagement and preserve knowledge within the company.

Get in touch

It can take a bit of thought, discussion and planning to decide how you want to use video within your organisation. We’re always happy to chat, taking the time to understand your goals and explore the options. If you want us to help make video part of your communications strategy contact us here, via email at or by phone on 0808 133 1353