Build a long-lasting and valuable resource for your organisation by committing key training messages to video.  While there is sometimes no substitute for a live workshop or training seminar  the convenience of distributing content online, means that video is now an affordable and invaluable training tool.   

If your organisation has a bank of training videos, they can be used by any trainer within your organisation to enhance workshops they are running or they can be accessed by trainees to reinforce their own learning at home.  Furthermore, they can spread key training messages throughout your organisation without the need for everyone to attend costly workshops and seminars.

Internal videos for inductions are a good starting point for building a training and internal communications video resource.  Induction documents and training sessions contain key information about company values, health and safety, and the structure of the organisation. These messages are frequently repeated throughout the organisation so producing a video on the subject will be a worthwhile long term investment.

It’s also worth looking at the knowledge you’ve built within your organisation through years of training and investment which may be about to walk out the door as your most experienced staff members  retire. To this end, video can harvest the knowledge and skills accrued by your workforce, preserve it for generations to come, and can be a vital HR tool in effective succession planning.

And since we retain 95% of the message when we watch a video compared to just 10% when reading text alone, it’s an investment that should stick in the minds of your staff for a long time as well.

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