Communication + Hysteria = Comsteria.

Previously known as Colin Kelly Media Limited, we are here to help organisations with something to say.

We deliver training and workshops, consultancy and create content. We’ve been doing it since our founder Colin Kelly launched the business in 2012. With his wife and business partner Emma Baker joining full-time in September 2018, a new name was needed.

Comsteria seems like the perfect name for the age we are living in. Let’s call it the age of Comsteria. Where we are all bombarded with far too much information. Everyone screaming at each other. Short attention spans. New platforms. Presidents behaving worse than 4 year olds. People who should know better whoring their bodies, their private lives, their families all for a few seconds of attention online. Fake news. Hype. Misunderstanding. Cyberbullying. Adverts targeted at us not because a corporation understands us, but because they bought our data which someone we trusted had mined.

And somewhere in the midst of all that, is you. Trying to run a business. A product or service that could genuinely help people. That they might want. Or perhaps you represent an organisation with information that could keep people safe, improve their lives, or maybe even change the world.

Let us help. On this website you can read all about our background, our clients and the products and services we offer, all of which are designed to help you cut through and get noticed in a positive way which delivers your objectives.

At Comsteria, we understand the problem. Now let us show you the solution.


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