This could be the most valuable day of the year for your business.

In the morning, Comsteria’s Emma Baker leads a practical, hands-on Smart-Phone Video production course, giving you everything you need to make compelling, engaging videos for your business that get the results you want.

After lunch, Comsteria’s Colin Kelly delivers his ‘Secrets Of Successful Podcasting’ workshop which is suitable whether you’ve already dabbled in podcasting and want to reach the next level, or you’ve never listened to one and aren’t sure what they are.

There’s no great mystery behind these two activities. There are simple, practical skills that you can develop, a few tools to set up and some systems to follow.

By the end of the day, you’ll be able to create quality videos from your smart-phone and produce and publish your own podcasts. Take action now and start getting results from these two, fast growing, powerful communication tools.

We can deliver our Smart-Phone Video For Business and Podcasting course at your premises, or our office in Glasgow city centre.

Just get in touch for further information.

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