If you want to make video content regularly on your phone, it’s helpful to have your kit set up and ready to roll at all times. It will save you time and increase your productivity.

But in a small office space tripods and light stands take up room. You have to move them to the side between takes. This slows you down forcing you to reset your angles and framing for each new video.

With your phone stand clamped onto the desk
your video studio won’t get in the way while you work.

A studio set up at your desk is the perfect solution. You can find ready-made solutions like the Multi-mount system from Elgato or the Viozen desk-top set up. However, they can be expensive and, since lockdown, are often sold out.

So here are my recommendations for a rig that’s easy to set up and doesn’t break the bank.


This clamp is sold separately with a variety of screw sizes letting you mix and match your kit. The INSSTRO stand comes with the clamp attached

The INSSTRO Table Top Light Stand pack comes with 2 light stands that clamp to your desk. The 1/4 inch screw at the top can be used to mount either a light or a phone holder.

The Ailun phone holder has a 1/4 inch thread that can be mounted directly to the top of the light stand. I like this phone holder as it swivels easily between portrait and landscape mode.

Smallrig ball head mounts can be screwed onto the top of the light stand before mounting your phone or light. The advantage of adding these is you can now angle your camera and light to achieve the best framing and lighting.

This permanent setup means you can move easily between working and video content creation.


Stand extension – you can use any tripod/monopod extension for this. The PULUZ tripod extension can be screwed onto the top of the light stand giving you extra height so you can stand up while presenting to camera. You will need to buy the adaptors (below) to add this feature.

Tripod Ball Head – this is a sturdier ball head mount with a quick release plate making it easier to attach your phone or a DSLR camera. If you have a camera tripod you may already have a ball head mount you can detach and use in this set up. You will need to buy the adaptors (below) to add this piece.

Flex arm – the Small Rig Magic Arm or the Elagato flex arm can be clamped onto your main stand so you can have light and camera all on the one stand or add an extra fill light to cut out shadows on your face.

Adaptors – You will need some adaptors to add the tripod ball head, the Magic arm, or the extension. This pack comes with everything you’ll need plus an extra ball head mount.

Other studio kit

Light – If you don’t already have a video light I’d recommend the YN300 Air. It’s lightweight and gives you a diffused, soft light. It runs on either mains or battery and you can control the colour temperature and intensity of the light.

Microphone – if you don’t already have a microphone you definitely need to buy one. Wired lavalier mics like the iRig Lav Mic are my top choice.

Bluetooth remote control – this cheap little gizmo will save you constantly stretching across your desk to hit record.

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