Comsteria is a corporate training provider and media producer. Our mission is to help every organisation communicate more effectively. We do this by delivering training via webinar, 1-1 consultancy and video on demand training. Our training covers topics such as smartphone video production, podcasting, media relations training, presentation skills and more.

We also produce content for clients, such as podcasts and video. If there’s something we can do for you, get in touch.

This is the social network you’ll find us on the most. Our directors Colin Kelly and Emma Baker each have an active Linkedin presence where we enjoy connecting with clients and the business community in general. We’ll share our blog posts, articles of interest and other bits and pieces we believe will help. If we’re not already connected, please connect with one or both of us! Comsteria has a company page on LinkedIn which we’d love you to follow but you’ll find more content on Colin and Emma’s profiles.

Colin Kelly got in early with this! He became one of the first mainstream media personalities to use Twitter back in 2008, while he was hosting radio programmes for Clyde 1 and presenting gadget reviews on STV. Because of this, he was able to build a decent following and continues sharing all sorts of content (and the occasional rant) through his Twitter profile. Colin has a love of all things media, music and broadcasting and he’s a Masters swimmer too so expect a real mix of content here. If you’re only interested in work stuff and matters relating to communication and the topics we deliver training in, then the Comsteria Twitter account will be more appropriate.

Emma Baker has a Twitter profile too but she doesn’t say much on it.

Our official home on the web is this page you are reading right now and we have always enjoyed writing a regular blog. Emma and Colin both publish posts and if you run your own business or work in marketing, public relations or comms for someone else, you should find it a useful read. If you find something you enjoy, please share it with your own social network. Many of our clients first discover us via our blog. This website and blog is exclusively focussed on our work.
Colin Kelly has a separate site for his VoiceOver, writing and broadcasting work, and Emma Baker has her own site for her writing and personal video projects.
In August 2020, the ‘Embrace The Space’ book, written by Gary Ennis and Colin Kelly was published and it has its own website.

Aspects of our work are very visual. For example, Emma’s smartphone video training or online photography course. Sometimes when we discuss podcast production, it’s easier to show equipment and how things are done than trying to write about it. Instagram is of increasing use to us and we’d encourage you to follow us there. Find us at ComsteriaUK and be sure to check out Colin Kelly on Instagram where you’ll find a wider variety of content, some of it based around Colin’s broadcasting work, his occasional music projects, swimming and of course the ‘Embrace The Space’ social media for business book which he co-wrote with Gary Ennis from NSDesign.
In addition to her work with Comsteria, Emma is a keen photographer and video producer in her own right and shares details of this, along with some of her written work through her Emma Baker Films Instagram page, which is well worth a follow (and has more followers than Colin’s account!) We intend to make much greater use of all these Instagram accounts throughout 2021.

Sometimes we’ll give away some free training and additional resources such as product reviews and tutorials through the Comsteria YouTube page – it’s well worth subscribing to so you don’t miss anything. We broadcast regular live streams on YouTube including our ‘Smartphone Video Show’ which will return in 2022. Until then you can enjoy our archive from last year.
Colin Kelly has his own YouTube account which is used for his broadcasting, presenting and music work as well as aspects of media commentary.

Digital Minute Podcast
Your daily, 60 second, jargon free tech update. Colin Kelly’s Digital Minute launched in March 2021 and is an essential listen for many in the communications or marketing business. Search ‘The Digital Minute’ on your podcast app or visit our ‘podcast’ page.

Many of our clients are bigger businesses or part of the public sector. As such, Facebook is less of a priority for us. But Comsteria has a Facebook page which we try to keep up to date.

This live streaming platform owned by Amazon is growing rapidly. You’ll find Comsteria there when we live stream.

We tend to forget about this if we’re honest, but Comsteria is on Pinterest. Browse our boards for some inspiring quotes, business advice and motivation, tips and tricks, product and equipment ideas and more. Very little of the content is our own – but it’s a good collection of useful stuff we’ve found.

Emma is in huge demand at the moment with her Instagram Reels and TikTok training so it’s only natural that ‘@comsteria‘ should have a presence on this very fast growing ultra-short video platform. Follow us for tips and advice on all things video.

That is all! (Phew!) We don’t for a minute expect you to follow us on anywhere near all these channels! But each serves a different purpose for us and we want you to be able to recognise our official accounts if you stumble upon them.