The internet is changing. It’s becoming more immersive, more realistic and consumers are no longer content passively reading information you choose to give them. Instead, they want an experience. They want to be able to do something.

We see younger generations with a distrust for institutions and so called ‘professionals’. Instead, they’ll use technology and hyperconnectivity to create their own ways of doing things.

And every so often we hear of a large brand, or charity or perhaps an academic institution somehow finding a way through and doing something genuinely innovative that seems to get great results.

How can small business owners, or communications and marketing teams navigate all this? So much of the discussion becomes technical so quickly. We know there are scammers, criminals and rip off merchants trying to take advantage of anyone they can so how can we take our first steps into this new world without either getting frustrated or getting into trouble?

Comsteria feels your pain and is pleased to launch our new live, 2 hour webinar ‘Introduction To The Metaverse’.

Hosted by our Managing Director Colin Kelly this session is jargon free, non technical and focusses on the information small businesses and comms professionals need to prepare themselves for a more immersive internet. We’ll cover all the major aspects of the Metaverse, learn from case studies, explore the risks and opportunities as well as associated topics such as NFTs and cryptocurrency.

Find out more and get tickets now over on our Eventbrite page.