John Myers was a great guy, a brilliant broadcaster and an inspirational leader.

I thoroughly enjoyed working for him during my time at Real Radio in Scotland.

John passed away on Saturday and is being very fondly remembered by those who knew him best. My thoughts and condolences are with them all.

For me, John represented a great deal of what I’d consider a great leader. He shared many of his views on life, work (and more!) in his book ‘Team: It’s Only Radio’ and other podcasts, interviews and even a famous television appearance. I’ve pulled some of this together below. Worth a look – you’ll be learning from one of the absolute best.

Trouble At The Top – BBC Documentary

Interview With Alex Belfield

‘Radio Moments’ Conversation with David Lloyd

On Paul Blanchard’s Media Masters Podcast
Team, It’s Only Radio’ by John Myers
‘Review Of BBC Local Radio’ – John Myers
‘Review of BBC Music Radio’ – John Myers

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