With our background in live radio broadcasting, podcasting is a perfect fit and we’ve been producing our own and helping other brands with theirs for a number of years.

Our ‘Secrets Of Successful Podcasting’ workshop can be delivered via webinar but today we are pleased to launch our video on demand ‘Secrets Of Successful Podcasting‘ course, which you can enjoy right now, wherever you are.

Use promocode ‘website20’ at the checkout by June 30th 2020 to save 20%.

The course covers every aspect of podcast production and is suitable for complete beginners who have barely listened to podcasts, right up to more advanced users who are already publishing a regular podcast and looking for more advice on equipment, post production, podcasting for internal comms, social media integration, monetisation and more. The course includes a practical, easy to follow audio editing tutorial.

If you’ve any questions, get in touch. By either renting or buying the course you’ll be able to access additional 1-1 support from us.