TikTok is a fast growing social media platform, attracting loads of attention, but how does it work and should you use it?

We have the answers!

And all is explained in our series of podcasts which you can grab and listen to now.

If you don’t have time for that let me summarise:

  1. Even if you’ve no intention of posting videos, sign up and grab your username. We did. You’ll find us at ‘Comsteria’ if you do a user search.
  2. Before you post anything, have a look around TikTok and look for examples of businesses like yours and how they’re using it.
  3. If you’ve decided you are going to post some videos, make sure they are fronted by the right person. TikTok is a place for people, being real. Not corporations. So find the people within your organisation with the right attitude. You want someone who understands and enjoys TikTok but who also has a handle on what your business is trying to achieve, what you do, and who for.
  4. Standard TikTok videos are 15 seconds long although you can stitch these together and publish a clip that lasts up to 60 seconds. If you hit 1,000 followers and TikTok allows, some accounts can broadcast live video. But use this as a challenge – can you get your point across in 15 seconds? It’s a great skill to develop.
  5. Play around with the effects. Like Instagram and Snapchat, TikTok allows you to add graphic, text, effects and other overlays to your video. You can choose from a vast array of music and sound effects too and be aware of the fast moving hashtags, memes and challenges.
  6. TikTok makes it easy to share videos across various social networks – upload to TikTok and then share across Instagram, WhatsApp, download to your phone..whatever you want, all in a single click. No other network makes your content so portable.
  7. You can have several TikTok accounts all from one mobile device. Sign up with a different email address after choosing ‘add another account’ while you’re logged into the first one. You can swap between them just as you do on Instagram.

    The best way to learn, is to have a look yourself. If you need more, you can contact us anytime. If you do join, be sure to follow us! Oh – and here’s a very basic one I did last week:
Colin Kelly on TikTok. Apologies for the grumpy face.