You’ve seen the Burger King ‘kitchen’ tweet.

They’ve finally done the right thing and deleted it, after persisting far longer than they should have.

‘But you have to read the context..there’s more to it..don’t you understand…we’re on your side!’ was the mantra while they actually argued one on one with many women asking them to take it down. On International Women’s Day.

Then you get the ‘social media/PR gurus’ popping up saying ‘well it’s got everyone talking about Burger King!’ as though being a prat is a badge of honour.

If you’re still in doubt, here are the rules.

1 – We don’t measure reach.
2 – You can’t handle the angry mob.
3 – There IS such a thing as bad publicity and you wouldn’t want it.
4 – Don’t use someone else’s event to announce your brand initiative. In fact, don’t announce it at all. Just start doing it. If you do it well, the attention will follow naturally.
5 – To the media….this isn’t news. Or entertainment. So there’s no need to report on it or gauge reaction to it, making it bigger than it really is. It’s just another second rate brand doing second rate social media.