We all benefit from a greater understanding of the media. In my previous career as a broadcast journalist, I saw first hand how some business owners were able to build powerful, mutually beneficial relationships with media professionals and enjoy the benefits of a high profile for themselves.

Whether you are seeking to establish key members of your team as ‘experts’ or simply gain an edge over your competitors in the form of some free awareness raising publicity, media relations training from Comsteria can help.

Our half day and full day courses can be delivered 1-1 or to groups. Courses can be tailored made to your particular needs and adapt to the levels of experience among your group. Our sessions often include a mix of media theory (who these people are and how they work), practical skills (dealing with difficult questions, establishing your key messages) and performance areas where I’ll behave exactly as a journalist would and record an interview with the client where I ask the questions they would be likely to face, were this happening for real. We’ll then watch the recording back and I’ll provide coaching.

These media relations training sessions work extremely well via webinar and can be organised and delivered in a short time. Think of me as your trusted media guide, on the other end of a Microsoft Teams or Zoom link.

Our mission at Comsteria is to help every organisation communicate more effectively and to help us achieve that and to help you understand a little more about what we do and how we work, I have recorded a short training video which you can watch below.

I hope it’s helpful and gives you an insight into how you and your business can build better relationships with the media and indeed Make Your Business Media Friendly.

If you’d like to discuss some further training, including a practical media relations training workshop, please get in touch.