In our media training sessions, you’ll discover the tricks journalists use to make you say things you don’t mean to in order to make their stories look more interesting.

A particular favourite is to force you into a defensive position, with a question such as ‘Isn’t this a shocking waste of money?’

Many of us, when faced with a question like this, go with our gut reaction and say ‘No, it isn’t a waste of money’.

But this plays into the journalist’s hands. Now they have a great quote for their headline, eg: ‘Minister insists troubled project isn’t a waste of money’.

In this case, the audience now hears the phrase ‘waste of money’, twice. Once in the question and again in your answer and of course it sticks. You have reinforced the negative. Even though you denied it, the attitude among the audience is often, ‘well you wouldn’t, wouldn’t you!’

In our media training, we’ll help you keep control and coach you to over-ride your gut reaction and respond to this sort of question with positive speech.

Here’s Comsteria’s media trainer Colin Kelly with a recent example of what not to do!

Media training with Comsteria can take place at your premises or via remote video link such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. We offer half day or full day courses and everything is tailored to your organisation and the situations you’re likely to encounter. Get in touch to find out more and to discuss rates and availability.

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