Online Video – The Facts

We spend one third of our online minutes glued to videos.  And 45% of us watch over an hour of video each week on Facebook or YouTube.  In fact, in the next 60 seconds around 72 hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube alone!  (WordStream)

Videos are where people are hanging out so it’s where your communications team needs to be if you want to be engaging with clients, customers or your own employees.

Why does video work?

We love video because it’s easy to follow and to remember.  We retain 95% of the message when we watch a video compared to just 10% when reading text alone (Forbes)

It’s not just us viewers who love video, Facebook and Google are fans too.  Both platforms prioritise video results and having a video on your website gives you a better chance of climbing the Google rankings.

There’s a reason videos go viral while blog posts tend not to.  There’s something about the personal connection we get from video that compels us to share it with our friends.

The Challenge

But there are challenges for any business when it comes to producing regular quality video content.  Budget, time, lack of training can all place limitations on your teams’ video output.  And in a crowded marketplace, how to you compete? How do you break through the communications hysteria that is the average Facebook Newsfeed?


Whether you’re a one man band or working within a large team, it pays to know a bit about video. Even if you plan to hire a production company you still need a clear vision of your organisation’s message and what kind of videos you want to produce to get the best out of your budget.

We can help

At Comsteria, we’ve been producing videos and training communications teams for over 6 years.  We understand the challenges businesses face and we’ve learned a few tricks along the way about the skills, knowledge and equipment you need to produce videos yourself or to build a successful partnership with an outside provider.

You can learn from our expertise on this blog as we share our thoughts on how any organisation, big or small, can plan engaging and quality video content as part of their communications strategy.

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