When someone (a journalist, potential customer, potential employee etc) visits your website, you’re not there to provide context.

They come. They look. They make a judgement. And they leave.

Anything that’s substandard, half-baked, below par or in any way not quite right, risks putting them off.

Here’s Comsteria’s Colin Kelly with a true story of how this affected him recently in the latest #powerfulcommunication podcast. Click below to listen now.

We’d encourage every organisation to blog but if you can’t commit to doing it properly and stick to a regular publishing schedule then perhaps it’s not for you at this point. A half-assed blog is often worse than no blog at all. You might consider changing your settings so that dates don’t appear on the posts, this at least prevents things looking immediately dated but it can only be part of the fix. If you have a ‘blog’ section on your website then each time I visit I expect to see signs of fresh content. If I visit regularly for a while and nothing ever changes then alarm bells will ring.