Here’s one IG Reel trend you need to do now! A Meet the Team Video using the soundtrack from Hamilton.

Keep reading and I’ll tell you how to use the soundtrack trend for your business.

To grow on Instagram you really want to post Reels regularly.

But it can be a challenge to come up with content ideas.

Trending soundtracks and trends in general are a great source of inspiration for creating video content that communicates your business message AND gets engagement from your target audience.

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But for now, let’s get started…

Trend – Make a Meet the Team Video using the ‘Hamilton’ Soundtrack

Use this Reel to introduce your team – whether there are lots of you or you’re a one person show!

Here’s Comsteria’s version of the Reel – we had lots of fun making this!

Perfect for Sole Traders

Sole traders like this photographer or this designer are using this track to introduce to their ‘team’. You need to act out the different roles you play on a daily basis in your business. Don’t fancy acting? Just smile and wave at the camera but change your setting or clothes for each shot. Use text on the screen to describe each role e.g. accountant, customer service, web design.

Small and Medium Sized Businesses or Large Organisations

You can also use this for a business with more staff or to introduce your team within a larger organisation. Just film each team member waving at the camera or acting out their job, add text to the screen to introduce their names, and edit in time to the track. Here are two examples from two different marketing agencies: Picture Smiths and Marketing Manager and Co.

How to Make the Reel

Shots needed – you’ll need roughly 7 shots to make this work. So 6 different ‘roles’ or team members then close with a final shot of you/the whole team smiling along with text. Ideally you will finish on a high – a positive statement and perhaps a call to action e.g. ‘Love all my jobs + web link OR simply ‘Nice to meet you.’

Other Ideas for this Soundtrack

The original Reel was a bit different to what it’s morphed into. It was a funny take on ‘Students Logging into their Zoom session’ with a great comedy punchline. You could inject some comedy into your Reels and use it in this way perhaps to keep staff motivated while they’re working from home.

The Original Track

Recognise the track? This original soundtrack is taken from last 10 seconds of “A Winter’s Ball” from the musical Hamilton. One of my favourite albums of all time!

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