We know that many of our clients are evaluating and exploring the use of artificial intelligence within their businesses and how it might be able to help them grow profitably.

Much of the interest last year seemed to resolve around ‘generative AI’, that is using tools such as Chat-GPT to produce written content and the likes of DALL-E and Midjourney for synthetic image generation.

In our opinion, the real gains from AI come from automation. That is, setting repetitive tasks to autopilot. The big industry players seem to be concentrating their efforts there rather than restricting it to communications related activity.

Wherever you look, it’s clear there are risks and opportunities around AI and a load of issues relating to ethics. There may in the not too distant future also be regulations to deal with.

Some of our clients have set up ‘working groups’ within their business to explore issues around AI and to come up with some sort of ‘best practice’ for others to follow.

If you’re thinking of doing that, here’s Colin with some quick advice.