I’ve been experimenting with Instagram Reels lately and I love it!  I think you will too.

My series giving tips for how to appear relaxed on camera was really easy to create and has had plenty of engagement.  Although I created them for Reels I’ve now also used the videos on YouTube , IGTV and LinkedIn so it’s been well worth the time spent.

I’d really encourage you to give Reels a try to promote your business.  If you need more persuasion read on: 

1.  The Instagram Reels format is ideal for smartphone video creators:

  • Max video length 30 seconds – short, sweet and easy to edit on a small screen
  • Vertical video – ideal for a hassle-free recording set up with minimal equipment.
  • You can shoot and edit the whole video within Reels or use your favourite editing app. I’d recommend VN which I used for my series or Spark Camera (See Video Below)

2.  Posting regular Reels will help you practise and improve your smartphone video skills:

  • The short format forces you to be disciplined with your messaging and saves you overthinking your video content.
  • Use it as an opportunity to practise your presenting skills.  If you’re nervous in front of camera a 15 second video is the perfect place to begin growing your confidence. (check out my aforementioned series if you need tips to relax)
  • Reels rewards rough and ready, quick, fun, engaging content so you don’t have to worry about it being perfect.

3.  Get eyeballs on your business quickly:

  • Reels appears right in the centre of the main navigation bar, a clear push by Instagram to get users watching and sharing Reels more.
  •  Unlike Stories, Reels shows up in your main feed, the Reels tab and in the explore/search bar, so there are plenty of opportunities for people to find your content
  • Instagram shows Reels to people who don’t already follow you so you will quickly grow your audience.

Some video ideas to get you started on Reels:

Spark Video Review and Tutorial

This is definitely a worthwhile app for iOS users to accompany you on your journey with Instagram Reels (and Stories). It’s ideal for shooting and editing fun, engaging, behind the scenes vlogs about your business. It gives you access to lots of the same effects and filters you get on Reels but I think it’s easier to use and a better editor.

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