Comsteria’s Colin Kelly and Gary Ennis from NSDesign team up again for the UK’s most engaging and one of its longest running social media training workshops.

Embrace The Space‘ has been successfully adapted to run as a webinar, with an interactive, up-to-date, fully participative programme designed to help ensure your business or public sector organisation gets the results you need from social media and all things digital.

From squeezing the most out of the Facebook algorithm, to understanding Instagram, the importance of video, how to stay on the right side of the law and much more, this is the course hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes have put their faith in.

‘Embrace The Space’ returns on Friday 10th December and is the social media workshop that led to the Amazon Top 5 best selling book of the same now. Find out more and make sure 2021 becomes the year you get the results you need from social media.

Here’s Colin with some more about what makes this course special.

And if you’re not a commercial, profit making business..there’s plenty in this for you too!