Join Comsteria’s Colin Kelly on Thursday 30 August 2021 from 2pm-4pm (UK) for a live webinar to help your business get started with live streaming.

It’s down to earth, jargon free and will provide equipment advice for any budget. Whatever sector your business is in, and no matter how simple or complex you would like your live stream to be, you’ll get lots out of this session.

We’ll explore the various live streaming platforms, show you how they work, what they are capable of and what it takes to succeed on them. We’ll look at the software that can help you get the best results, explore examples of what others are doing with their own live streams that you can learn from and provide advice and inspiration so you leave the session with a clear idea of what you are going to do yourself and how to get started.

A live stream could be as simple as you, on your own, speaking to your mobile phone camera and going live on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. Or it could be something much more advanced – with multiple cameras and angles, various sound sources, remote contributors, several participants and complex graphics and overlays.

It is all within reach but success is about establishing the purpose behind it all – WHY are you live streaming? Who is it for? What’s your key message.

So join Comsteria’s ‘Get Started With Live Streaming’ webinar from 2pm on August 30th. Get your tickets via the link below now.