We’re quick enough to have a rant about the things we don’t like, so let’s sing the praises of an amazing business we’ve encountered recently.

It’s called ‘Karrdale‘ and they’re a training and consultancy provider, dedicated to helping organisations get the best out of their people. Issues like leadership, safety, adapting to change and performance management are all part of what they do.

We saw one of their team, Chris Woods, hosting a session at an event Comsteria had been asked to film.

Suffice to say, he was brilliant.

The delivery and personality of a first class stand up comic but backed up with a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and (in his own words) a lifelong fascination for communities and how humans behave. The audience at a day long safety conference were hanging on his every word, highly engaged and most importantly, accepting of the challenge laid down by Chris and open and ready to change.

We know that many of our clients will be interested in the Karrdale message and the expertise that Chris and his team bring with them – we’re really pleased to recommend them.

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