A client testimonial video is a powerful way to grow your business.  If people see and hear happy clients saying good things about you, they’re more likely to trust your brand. 

At the planning stage consider, will a straightforward testimonial video work for you or is a client story going to have a greater impact?

The difference between the two is subtle. With a clear video marketing strategy you can identify your business goals and target audience and decide which of the two will get results.

Identify where your target audience is on their journey with your business. This will help you plan the right type of client video.. Are you trying to build awareness with new clients or convert sales with existing clients?


If your business goal is to raise awareness of your brand with a new audience, the emphasis in your video should be on storytelling to engage the audience on an emotional level.  A client story digs deeper and addresses the ‘why’ of your business.  Why do clients choose your brand over others?  Why are they loyal to your business?  Why do they keep coming back?  

At this stage you want to tell a story that will win over hearts.  

However, if you have an established a relationship with your target audience, your goal is to convert their enquiries into sales.  The focus at this stage should be on the rational reasons for taking that final step.  The ‘what’ of your business.  Hearing the practical details from people just like us is reassuring and helps people make their final decision to buy.  

You’ve already won their hearts, this stage is about winning their minds.


The essential difference is who you focus on as the hero of the story?   

Making the client the hero of the story taps into the viewer’s emotions about their own personal journey. It means they will see your brand as a valuable ally in their journey towards success.

In a nutshell the traditional client testimonial positions your brand as the hero at the heart of the video.  For example, a client testimonial for a logistics firm might sound something like this:

We’ve used TXLogistics for 3 years and their attention to detail is second to none. They work really hard to deliver on time and they’ve never let us down.’ 

On the other hand, a story positions the client as the hero of the story.

We help people in crisis and our customers rely on us to deliver on time.  We’re changing lives every day so we need reliable partners like TXLogistics so that we don’t let our clients down.

In a client story your brand is positioned as the hero’s sidekick or helper.  The Obi Wan Kenobi to their Luke Skywalker. This forms an emotional connection between the viewer and your client who is advocating for you. The viewer identifies with someone else working hard to make their business the best it can be. It follows that they’ll then see you as a reliable partner for their own business.  


Plan your video content strategically to get results and save time and money.

If you understand your business goals and target audience at the planning stage you’ll find the right focus for your client video and get results for your business.

And if you’re smart about it you can of course produce both types of video in the one shoot.  Ask the right questions and one client interview will give you the content you need to edit both a rational client testimonial video and an emotional client story.

So what kind of client video will you produce: testimonial or story? Set a clear video strategy and kill two birds with one stone.