We live in a world where big brands reign supreme.

It feels like everyone wants to build a brand. And sometimes it’s a necessity. The Comsteria we know and love today started its life with the much plainer name of ‘Colin Kelly Media’. But that had to change when Emma left her career in teaching to join full-time.

We often meet small business owners who choose not to appear in their own videos because they’re terrified someone might discover the business is ‘just them’ and they’re convinced appearing small will cost them clients.

We like to think it’s perfectly possible to grow and operate as a successful brand while at the same time maintaining a human, personal ‘face’ of your business. Whatever size you are, there are significant advantages that come from making it clear who you actually are. Let the public see and hear you.

It can build up a lot of goodwill which can help you if and when things go wrong. Here are some more thoughts in a quick video where I discuss the IT crisis currently facing a large Scottish motor dealership.